How to achieve high-quality service without sacrificing cost

How shippers can improve supply chain profitability

Keeping costs down is a priority for any business, but cutting corners isn’t the answer. To ensure profitable service at every stage of the market cycle, shippers need to set a strategic action plan and transportation budget that accounts for fluctuations in carrier rates, fuel prices, and accessorial fees. 

This interactive e-book provides practical steps shippers can take now to reduce costs without sacrificing performance, including:

  • Benchmarking rates
  • Avoiding extra shipment charges
  • Improving payload utilization
  • Building strong carrier relationships


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Build your 2023 procurement strategy

Del Monte 2

Automated reporting improves Del Monte's supply chain visibility

"What carriers or lanes aren’t performing well? Why is volume in a certain lane higher than expected? Now that’s all at our fingertips.

We get answers that day, instead of waiting weeks, which significantly accelerates our decision making and speed to action.”

-Director of Transportation, Del Monte Foods

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